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Ann Hamilton



The Art Show at Park Avenue
Carl Solway Gallery · Booth A23
March 5-9, 2014

This Is Almost That: Ann Hamilton and Jane Hammond

in conversation with Lisa Pearson (podcast)

New York Public Library
New York, NY


The O N E E V E R Y O N E series began with Hamilton's participation in The Warhol Museum's Factory Direct: Pittsburgh, a 2012 project partnering artists with Pittsburgh-based businesses. She photographed employees from Bayer MaterialScience LLC—manufacturers of the thermo-plastic polyurethane membrane (Duraflex®)—and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette holding work-related objects up to the surface of the film. The Post Gazette printed the images as newspapers that were distributed at the exhibition and in a special edition to Pittsburgh households.

Earlier this year, Hamilton brought the material and its unique optical qualities to the Artist-in-Residency program at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Docents, volunteers, curators, and museum staff were photographed holding works from the collection. For many it was a singular opportunity to physically touch an object selected for its emotional and intellectual connection but previously held only in the eye. This new project will be on view at the MIA in spring 2014.

In each of these occasions, participants were also photographed empty handed, alone behind the membrane. These project works, along with portraits of friends in the studio, have become a separate series—O N E E V E R Y O N E —which The Art Show images will continue to expand. Hamilton is in residence during the run of the fair to photograph art fair visitors for the series.

These portrait images record the experience of standing behind the film, where one can hear but cannot see. The resulting shallow depth of field, a consequence of the membrane's visual qualities, focuses each point where the body makes contact with the material and extends Hamilton's interest in visual forms of tactile experience.

Everyone is invited to participate without cost. Small unedited versions (9 x 6 inches) are printed on newsprint and posted for the length of the fair. Everyone photographed will receive by mail an unsigned ephemera portrait, randomly selected, of someone from the series. Large-scale portraits (38 x 25 inches or 51 x 38 inches) are available for commission.


If you are interested in a commissioned portrait, please contact:

Carl Solway Gallery
513-621-0069 gallery









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