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15x15 shim

(phora • spinning sousaphone) | 2005

Ann Hamilton - (phora_spinning sousaphone

Ceiling-mounted variable speed electro mechanical spinning unit; double bell sousaphone; elastic cord; speakers; CD loop; CD player; amplifier
17 × 13 × 20 inches / 43.2 × 33 × 50.8 cm (unit), variable (overall height)
66 × 30 × 30 inches / 167.6 × 76.2 × 76.2 (sousaphone)


Made by combining the bells of two sousaphone bells, this conjoined instrument was hung from the ceiling in the 2005 installation phora. (Six other double-belled sousaphones were also part of the installation.) This particular sousaphone spun and emitted its sound amongst a room of suspended clothing donated by the community. From the sousaphone issued a re-recording of marching bands being played on wax cylinders using a hand-cranked tube Victrola phonograph. As the Victrola wound down, the sound slowed and distored.


Photo credit: Hans Cogne


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