Ann Hamilton - Intervals

Intervals, the first in the series of programmed events within stylus was a collaboration among composer Shahrokh Yadegari, sopranos Elizabeth Zharoff and Christine Brewer, and Hamilton. Intervals brought together the traditional expression of operatic form in an unconventional performance environment that seated the audience throughout the main gallery of the Pulitzer building, effacing a typical proscenium style arrangement to create a web of layered sound, text and experience for audience and performer alike. The live voices of both singers "accompanied themselves" through the use of an electronic instrument called Lila, designed by Yadegari, which provides precise real-time control of delay lines, loops, modulations, and convolutions of sound. For the duration of the performance, students from Washington University in St. Louis accompanied Hamilton in a reading from scripts she composed through the organization of the Ralph Waldo Emerson essay Circles, and the day's news into alphabetized mesostics that resembled literary concordances.

Photo credit: Dyanna Taylor (stills from video documentation)