circular revolving floor

cloth attached to cable with computer-controlled motor governing the choice of moves from a selection of sixty-four thousand patterns

window pane splotched with blood-red ink

black organza glove within a black cocoon-like organza muff

(reserve • table) 1996, table; wool cloth; video; color monitor

reserve (1995) video, duration: 30 minutes

altered ledger book containing a hand-written version of a sermon by Cotton Mather

(whitecloth • video) 1999, duration: 30 minutes

tub of vibrating liquid, triggered by the passing of the cloth across a sensor

welle (1998) wall drilled with approx. 400 minute holes; water; gravity-fed IV drip system

stack of wool coats from mantle (1998)

Photo credits: Steve Willard, Liz Deschenes, and Thibault Jeanson