Ann Hamilton - lignum

Materials: paper, cloth, wood, string, four Leslie speakers, sound

Ann Hamilton - ligumSited in a stone barn built in 1823, lignum was formed in response to the building's history as a structure for the storage of grain and its location between the estate's 16th century castle and the extensive surrounding forests and their attendant perception as material resource and cultural reserve.

Ann Hamilton -lignum

Ascending and descending through newly cut openings that bisect the building's five floors and the installation's five material horizons of paper, wood, string and cloth, four Leslie speakers turn and throw recorded sound to create a vocal pathway through the 19th century barn.

The mechanically moving voice, which sings, reads, hums and calls, is the central figure of the work, creating sonorous and resonant tones/words that envelop and reverberate as they are heard and felt in volume and through space and in relation to material, history, perception and place.

Photo credit: Thibault Jeanson Video: Courtesy of The Wånas Foundation